Learn how to change the colour of any  Vehicle like the Professionals do, with our

4 Day Master Vehicle Wrapping Colour Change Training Course !


Auto Stylers Academy's vehicle wrapping training course features hands-on instruction in all aspects of vehicle wrap installation.


Learning car wrap installations is the perfect addition to any auto styling business or can help you start your own vehicle wrap business. Whether you are interested in color change wrap training or vehicle graphics installation


Consists of comprehensive Practical Assignments as well as the following:

- Vehicle Pre-Inspection, Prepping & Cleaning

- What can and cannot be wrapped

- Material types, finishes and adhesives

- Tools needed

- Squeegee techniques, getting comfortable, handling of the film

- Glassing, conforming and laying into recesses

- Relaxing the film (edges), pre-stretching with and without heat

- Post-heating, what it does, how to do it and when to use it

- Cutting and trimming

- Knifeless tape

- Seams, where to use them, how we do them and why

- Inlays, where to use them, how we do them and why

- Damaged film during install. Is it recoverable or not

- Horizontal and vertical surfaces

- Banding, glue lines and adhesive particles

- Tack reducer

- limitations, thickness and tac

- Using seams

- Damaging Vinyl

- Knifeless tape

- Scoring techniques

- Post treatments, problem solving, Tips & Tricks of the industry



Business Management including Costing, Excel Spreadsheet Templates, Social Media and Internet Marketing, and much more...

4 Day Master Vehicle Wrapping 

Training Course 

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Master 4 Day Vehicle Wrapping Training Course

  • We supply all materials for training purposes.
  • Free T Shirt
  • Certificates are  issued on day of Completion providing You with immediate Industry Credibility
  • Training Manuals are e-mailed as PDF electronic document