Auto Stylers Academy's 2 Day Vehicle Wrapping Training course will allow you to comfortably and confidently wrap a full vehicle

  • Vehicle inspection
  • Introduction to Vehicle Wrapping
    ●    Purpose of a Vehicle Wrap                                                                 
    ●    Materials used for Vehicle Wraps                                                         
    ●    Trimming Vehicle Wrap Graphics                                                         
    ●    Tools of the Trade                                                                                       

    ●    Vehicle Prep: Inspection Remove dirt and grime Clean surface,                grooves, and seals
    ●    Remove or not to remove parts: Handles, Lights, and Other                        Obstacles                                    
    ●    Difference Between a Bad Vehicle Wrap and a Great Vehicle Wrap
    ●    Begin Live Vehicle Wrap

    ●    Material Placement Test fit and tape in place Use map / print out            for  placement
    ●    Vehicle Wrap Application Peeling from a tape hinge  
    ●    Squeegee techniques  
    ●    Avoid stretch and shrink back by tucking material without heat 
    ●    Using heat when needed to stretch around hard curves                        
    ●    Troubleshooting Vehicle Wrap & Vehicle Graphics  
    ●    Use a heat gun to shrink back discolored vinyl  
    ●    Getting rid of bubbles and wrinkles Trimming & Details  
    ●    Work individually on technique Hoods, doors, large panels  
    ●    Students work on wrapping full bonnet  
    ●    Instructor inspection of completed work 
    ●    Trouble shoot and correct errors - Finishing off techniques /                       Problem solving

Vehicle Wrapping 

Training Course (2 Days)


  • We supply all materials for training purposes.
  • Free T Shirt
  • Certificates are  issued on day of Completion providing You with immediate Industry Credibility
  • Training Manuals are e-mailed as PDF electronic document

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2 Day Vehicle Wrapping Training Course