Auto Stylers  Academy was born out of our realization that the  vehicle customising, auto styling and car detailing industry needs well trained professionals to serve the growing demand of the private and commercial vehicle market. We have been providing auto styling training and courses to the auto styling and customising industry over the past 14 years under Sign Academy South Africa.


Our Specialist auto styling training courses include:

  • Vehicle Colour Change Wraps

  • PPF  Vehicle Paint Protection Film

  • Automotive Window Tinting

  • Vehicle Headlight Restoration

  • Vehicle Headlight Tinting 

  • and more...


Auto Stylers  Academy offers Vehicle Customising, Styling and Detailing training courses for Auto Styling Professionals, Auto Styling Workshops, Auto Detailing Shops and anyone interested in getting started in this exciting, rewarding and lucrative industry. Theory and Application Processes are well covered for beginners, and taken to the highest level of standards for existing Vehicle Wrapping, Tinting, PPF,  Customising, Styling & Detailing Professionals. 


Our Automotive Customising, and Styling Training Courses are simple and easy to learn, and are overlooked by our Principal Instructor that has over 37 years industry related experience. You can be offering these services like a seasoned Pro in just a few weeks.


Auto Customising, Styling and Detailing Technicians are in demand. So whether you are wanting to start your own Auto Styling, Customising or Detailing Business or just learn a new skill, we can help you. 


As the leading training provider  for the automotive styling industry, we provide a selection of hands on practical training courses that develop your skills and take you from where you are to where you want to be, in a matter of days or weeks - and that's just the beginning!  We can help you chase your objectives and transform you into the success you want to be, with  business advice and mentoring services.


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Available from
September 2023


Practical Hands on Training & Courses that allows you to take your learnings and apply it immediately in the workplace or your business, so you can start offering your services to clients right away.



There is no Course Calendar. You simply choose the dates that are convenient for you and we will check our availability and try to fit you in as best as we can.



Take home tools,  a list of suppliers , training manuals and industry knowledge not provided by any other Training Provider. Leave the course with everything you need to start your service ASAP.



We are dedicated to teaching you everything you need to get started now. Our Early Bird payment option provides a discounted price for full upfront payment of your course.

We also offer a Lay-by Option

  Auto Stylers Academy prides itself on providing quality training based on industry standards, this remains the highest priority for all courses and services provided by us.